Wapice rewarded with Microsoft’s innovation prize

WAPICE www.wapice.com Business sector: Software and electronics solutions Turnover: 23 MEUR Employees: 340

IN JUNE 2019, Wapice CEO Pasi Tuominen wasin for a big surprise: Microsoft announced that they had decided to reward the company he had founded with an innovation prize. Wapice got the award for its IoT-TICKET® product, a platform used to connect various machines and processes to the internet.

“Our connection to Microsoft is explained by the fact that many of our customers use Microsoft’s cloud service in conjunction with our product. The award was a big surprise for us and it has opened up new valuable international contacts“, Tuominen tells.

THE AWARD CEREMONY in Las Vegas mighthave been extravagant for a small company from Finland, however, Tuominen has been in the IT business long enough to adapt a very down-to-earth attitude towards it. Since Wapice was foundedat the turn of the millennium, Tuominen has witnessed at least two periods of what could be called IT hypes.

“I’m glad that the most recent hype is now fading and that digitalisation is becoming more of an everyday matter. Here at Wapice we don’t only follow the hype, we like to act based on actual needs and focus on the practices that truly optimizes customers’ digital solutions. The breakthroughof digitalisation is slower than anticipated and things don’t change overnight. However, if we look twenty years back, many of the forecasts from the millennium have now become reality. It just takes longer than people want to believe”, Tuominen explains.

WAPICE OFFERS an overall package regarding digitalisation; from product development and development environment to products. As thecompany continuously develops its operations, customers can be sure to stay at the forefront of digitalisation.

Wapice started off by selling IT services. Today, however, products constitute an increasing share of the company’s turnover. One of the products is the earlier mentioned IoT-TICKET®, which offers companies easy access to the Internet of Things, without having to write a single line of code.In addition, Wapice has had success with its Summium® sales configurator. Summium® is used by many Finnish export companies to sell complex products and services.

“Today, approximately two billion euros of Finnish export products are sold annually through Summium®. This is a fact we are naturally very proud of.”

WAPICE www.wapice.com Business sector: Software and electronics solutions Turnover: 23 MEUR Employees: 340