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The Ostrobotnia Chamber of Commerce is a leading business organization in the Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia regions. We represent about 1 050 members from a variety of fields: industry, trade, construction, services, educational institutes, and administration.

The Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce's CEO Paula Erkkilä and Director Mikael Hallbäck.

We are very proud of our successful region. The unique SME clusters make our region an excellent location also for new businesses. About 70 per cent of region’s industrial production is exported, making it one of the most international areas in Finland. Finland is part of the European Union, which offers home markets of over 510 million inhabitants for companies wishing to establish here.

The future also looks bright here. The region is on the forefront of the green transition. We are expected to have several billion-euro large-scale industrial investments with thousands of new jobs for example in the battery industry, hydrogen, and wind power. Here you have the possibility to work with the biggest global challenges and be a part of solving them. Finland offers carbon neutral energy for industrial investments. You could say that an investment in Finland – and our region – is an investment in sustainability.

Our operations enable effortless co-operation and excellent networking opportunities between different sectors and influencers of the industrial and commercial world. We work for the interests of the business community as well as for promoting economic development in the region. The Chamber of Commerce offers great opportunities to connect both with Finnish and international businesses. If you are looking for new businesses or new suppliers, please contact us!

Paula Erkkilä

Mikael Hallbäck

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