This is Coastline

Coastline refers to the Finnish regions of Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia, situated on the country’s west coast. This is one of the most successful areas in Finland, mainly due to its flourishing export industry.


10,000 km2


244,000 people


54% Finnish-speakers
39% Swedish-speakers
7% other languages


People in the region have an entrepreneurial mindset – there are more companies per capita than anywhere else in Finland

The unemployment rate is the lowest in Mainland Finland.


The region is the most industrialized one in the country

A whopping 68% of the industrial production is exported – a record in Finland


Value added in manufacturing is among the best in the country.

Industrial turnover is also considerably higher than on average in Finland – 36,000 per capita.

The main towns in the region


Kokkola is home to the largest concentration of inorganic chemistry companies in northern Europe. The city also has a large port serving these companies, and the port includes the only covered all-weather terminal in the Nordic countries.


Jakobstad, or Pietarsaari in Finnish, is a city full of export-oriented medium-sized companies. Despite the city’s modest size in terms of population, the export value of the companies amounts to 2 billion euros.


The city of Vaasa is home to the biggest concentration of energy technology companies in the Nordic countries. Vaasa’s share of export in industrial production is nearly 80%, which makes it the leading exporting city in Finland.

The silhouette of Ostrobothnia covered in forest. Kokkola, Jakobstad, Vaasa, Närpes, Kaskinen, and Kristinestad are highlighted.