Nothing relating to CAN technology is impossible for TK Engineering

TK Engineering Business sector: CAN bus software and hardware Turnover 2018: 1 MEUR Employees: 9 Export: 50% Major Markets: Worldwide

TK ENGINEERING has an extremely precise niche where you can look far and wide and still fail to find better and more experienced experts. This niche is CAN technology (Controller Area Network). The company creates control solutions for machines and devices that operate on land, at sea,in the air and even underground. CAN is a robustvehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other in applications without a host computer.

THE CORE OF TK ENGINEERING’S expertise lies in the design and planning of CAN hardware and software and in combining them with the mostdiverse range of technological applications. CAN technology can be used to create time-critical control systems that can even impact a person’s safety.

“A part of our expertise is the ability to apply CAN to practically anything. We have experience with trucks, wind power plants, ships and control systems in mines, to mention just a few sectors”, lists Timo Kesti, CEO of TK Engineering.

TK ENGINEERING’S services include both CAN electronics and software. The company supplies its know-how also by offering expert help for the research and development of CAN solutions and for testing and trouble-shooting completed concepts.

TK ENGINEERING’S CAN technology devices are always produced as bespoke products, manufactured by the company itself. Its products are never manufactured in bulk; instead, they are designed, implemented and tested directly for the customer in question. TK Egineering’s masterpiece is the CAN switch which was originally developed bythe company itself, because there wasn’t one on the market. The CAN switch is able to distribute data through several different buses. This switch is used, for example, in rock drilling machines, and the company has also acquired marine approval for it.

“All in all, the marine sector is extremely important to us. We have the ability to designand implement marine-approved CAN electronics, which are governed by particularly strict specifications”, Kesti says.

TK ENGINEERING carries out CAN projects allover the world. It has extensive partner networks and distributors in all of the largest industrialised countries. Together with its partners, the company is able to offer increasingly extensive systemsand comprehensive software tools for the design, configuration and monitoring of CAN-based networks.

“CAN technology is used extensively, but top experts are few and far between. Because we can CAN the world is wide open to us.”

TK Engineering Business sector: CAN bus software and hardware Turnover 2018: 1 MEUR Employees: 9 Export: 50% Major Markets: Worldwide