Alucar is leading the truck industry into modern times

Alucar Business sector: Truck body building Turnover: 15.9 MEUR Employees: 54 Export: 60% Major markets: Europe, Russia

ALUCAR IS the world’s leading manufacturer of superstructures for logging trucks. It has been reshaping the industry ever since the day it was founded more than 35 years ago. It all began from the revolutionary idea of manufacturing light and strong superstructures from aluminium, which is what the company is renowned for to this day. Alucar has grown into the unrivalled trailblazer of modern operating principles and collaboration with truck manufacturers. It is the only company in the sector to collectively design timber trucks together with both the customer and the dealer before the truck is even ordered from the factory.

“These days, finding the best solutions is done at the computer rather than in the workshop. This allows us to offer the best timber trucks in the world”, says Managing Director Anssi Alasaari.

THANKS TO careful planning and close cooperation with truck manufacturers, Alucar can accommodate the end customer’s wishes to an unparalleled degree. This means that the truck body can be prepared for the specific Alucar superstructure chosen by the customer at the truck factory. This removes the need to make any compromises that might reduce quality at the superstructure building stage. Thanks to its fine-tuned processes, Alucar is able to mass-produce tailored, high-quality timber trucks efficiently.

“Engineering is our core area of expertise. Moreover, our mechanics are top experts in their field, they keep up-to-date with the newest industry developments and manufacture ready-to-drive timber trucks down to the most demanding electrical installations”, Alasaari says.

Anssi Alasaari

HOW DOES ALUCAR intend to stay ahead of the competition in the future? Firstly, Alasaari considers the future of the forestry sector very bright. Wood-based materials are replacing plastics more and more. Secondly, Alucar continues to tirelessly develop innovations for timber transport. Although the company is already at the top of its field, it will never rest on its laurels. Furthermore, the demands of the sector, customers and trucks continue to grow. Alucar wants to meet these demands as its customers’ trusted partner and a provider of rock-solid quality.

“This is a very narrow sector, and we are deep at the heart of it. We have come a long way. We are not followers, but leaders: we create the best new operating models. We want to keep challenging the entire sector, while always providing the best solutions for our customers”, Alasaari says.

Alucar Business sector: Truck body building Turnover: 15.9 MEUR Employees: 54 Export: 60% Major markets: Europe, Russia