Novia UAS helps companies strengthen their competitiveness

Novia Business sector: University of Applied Sciences Employees: 300 Students: 4,000

THE MULTIDISCIPLINARY Novia University of Applied Sciences gives young people a great opportunity to gain a qualification that will open the door to future employment. Novia is also a close partner in the local business community.

“There are strategic focus areas, such as sustainable energy technology, where we are particularly strong, which covers both education and research. Continuous learning for companies, with tailored education in the form of leadership training, is another”, says Örjan Andersson, President.

NOVIA WAS THE FIRST higher education institution to receive a quality label in the third round of national audits. Novia has also been ISO 9001 certified for 20 years.Research and Development is a vital part of the co-operation between Novia and the business sector.

“We focus on areas such as sustainable energy, wind power and environmental technology, which are of immediate use for local companies. The increasing demand for renewable energyand energy storage solutions creates a need for new competencies that we try to fill”, says John Dahlbacka, R&D Manager.

IN COOPERATION with local companies and other universities, Novia’s R&D develops demo environments where different storage technologies can be presented. The environment is used for education, research, and demonstration.

An example of an innovative technologycurrently under development in the demo environment covers power-to-gas (P2G) solutions. “Powerto-Gas is when excess electricity from renewable energy systems is used in the electrolysis of water to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen, which is difficult to store due to its molecular size and high reactivity, can further be reacted with carbon dioxide over a catalyst to produce methane, which is easier to store and has more feasible energy recovery applications comparedto hydrogen”, explains Project Leader Cynthia Söderbacka.

“It is essential to emphasise the connection between research and education, so that our students receive the knowledge needed for the future”, concludes Andersson.

Novia Business sector: University of Applied Sciences Employees: 300 Students: 4,000