Healthy burgers

Do you still think burgers are bad for you? If you answered yes, you probably haven’t heard about the latest culinary trend, Fresh Casual. This thinking combines fast food with healthy ingredients to create burgers that can be enjoyed guilt-free. Friends & Brgrs is a hamburger chain based on the Fresh Casual ideology. They started in 2014, when six burger enthusiasts founded their restaurant in Jakobstad, Ostrobothnia. Since, it’s grown into a chain of restaurants.

Friends & Brgrs attracts customers with high-quality ingredients and meals that are free of additives. They also bake the buns and grind the meat for the burgers in the restaurant itself. The chain recently opened its first restaurants outside Finland, namely in Copenhagen and Hamburg.
At Friends & Brgrs food is cooked in an open kitchen after the customer’s order, so it’s guaranteed to be fresh. A small but significant difference sets them apart from other fast food restaurants: they serve their burgers from actual plates.