Heikius Hus-Talo

Heikius Hus-Talo is the preferred supplier of wooden modular turnkey homes

SINCE ITS FOUNDATION more than 50 years ago, Heikius Hus-Talo has successfully developed into a specialised manufacturer of wooden prefabricated modular homes and house kits. From a modern factory in Kaitsor, Vörå, the company delivers private homes, modular solutions for schools and daycare facilities and multi-storey high-rise apartments. “Recently, we have seen a big increase […] Read More

Novia UAS helps companies strengthen their competitiveness

THE MULTIDISCIPLINARY Novia University of Applied Sciences gives young people a great opportunity to gain a qualification that will open the door to future employment. Novia is also a close partner in the local business community. “There are strategic focus areas, such as sustainable energy technology, where we are particularly strong, which covers both education […] Read More

VASEK working with responsible logistics, smart cities and the circular economy

VAASA REGION DEVELOPMENT COMPANY VASEK is an expert guide along the path to becoming a regional success story. It develops strategies and creates infrastructure and networks that allow companies to be founded, become established and thrive in the region. “We are everybody’s colleague. We help companies become established, change and grow”, CEO Stefan Råback says. […] Read More