Kaiser Eur-Mark

Kaiser Eur-Mark delivers sewer cleaning and industrial disposal vehicles with outstanding technology

SEWER CLEANING and the efficient treatment of industrial waste requires vehicles with state-ofthe-art technology. Add to that the requirement of reliable functionality also in cold conditions, incomparable economic efficiency and eco-friendliness, and Kaiser Eur-Mark provides the perfect solution. The company designs and manufactures articulated vehicles mainly intended for sewer cleaning, with water recirculation equipment as […] Read More
Koncentra Pistons

Attractive employer Koncentra Pistons invests in new machinery

A STRONG BELIEF in the future permeates the halls of piston manufacturer Koncentra Pistons in Jakobstad. Koncentra Pistons designs, produces and markets large bore pistons for leading medium-speed gas and diesel engine manufacturers. The engines are used in both marine and power applications and complement renewable energy solutions and battery technology in these fields. “Although […] Read More