In a world that changes faster than ever, Citec is an engineering partner to rely on

ACCORDING TO Citec CEO Johan Westermarck, the world has changed quite a bit during the last ten years in the engineering business. “Earlier, you could predict the future two years ahead. Nowadays, we talk about months.” This increasing volatility is a challenge for many companies – how to allocate resources when everything is unpredictable? Engineering […] Read More

Energy efficiency and electrification are in focus at Danfoss

AT ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY group Danfoss, the climate change is fought on two fronts: through solutions for energy efficiency and through electrification. While the latter is a necessity in reaching zero-emission levels, the former is key in the growing global urbanisation. Solutions for both megatrends can be found at Danfoss’ site in Vaasa. “It’s estimated that […] Read More

Merinova prepares 60 projects a year for the energy cluster

TECHNOLOGY CENTRE Merinova celebrated its 30th year in business in 2019. The company, owned by companies in the Vaasa energy cluster, regional cities, municipalities, universities and schools, is one-of-a-kind in Finland. Merinova’s expertise lies in energy technology and its business is formed by two operations: professional services and project development. “We bring companies and universities […] Read More