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Coastline is published by Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce and it tells the story of how the region of Ostrobothnia became one of the engines of Finland’s export. Coastline is aimed at everyone who is interested in business, industry and technology.

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IF YOU ARE looking for a business location in the European Union, why not consider the most entrepreneurial and export-oriented region in the most competitive country in Europe? Since Finland joined the EU in 1994, the Ostrobothnia region on the west coast of Finland has received many foreign investments in the form of multibillion Euro acquisitions. The new owners have continued to invest in the companies, thereby creating wealth, jobs and tax revenues for the local communities. 

IN FINLAND, the business environment is stable and predictable. Finland is the only Nordic country with the Euro and has a low corporate tax rate of 20 percent. As a result, many foreign companies have established long-term operations in Finland and enjoy high returns on their investments. With access to a pool of well-educated high-tech talent, Finland is an R&D hotspot and a testing ground for companies looking for business transformation.

FINLAND HAS repeatedly been ranked as one of the world’s best countries, both regarding living standards and business climate. The region of Ostrobothnia is the very heart of Export-Finland, where 75 percent of the industrial production is exported. We are a genuinely multilingual region, open to the outside world. Our long tradition of foreign trade has made exporting more or less our lifestyle. This special business environment, in conjunction with our long-lasting positive experience of foreign investment, makes Ostrobothnia a unique region for enterprise establishments.

Juha Häkkinen



Photo credits: Mikko Karjalainen / Vastavalo.fi