Nautor's Swan
Nautor’s Swan has built more than 2,100 ocean-going luxury yachts that are safe, well designed and provide impressive performance. The company can look back on several years of steadily increasing sales volumes and the continual recruitment of new craftsmen.

Nautor’s Swan builds fast cruising yachts with comfort in mind

SAILING ENTHUSIASTS often imagine sailing the world on a Swan yacht. Right now, Nautor’s Swan has many customers in Europe who are about to fulfil their dreams.The new Swan 48 series created an instant success story when it was launched in the summer of 2019. This was an accomplishment unseen in Nautor’s history. Some 20 orders were signed while the yacht was still only existing on paper, and ten more signings came after the launch.

“Selling 30 yachts in only a couple of months shows that a void in the market is being filled. The Swan 48 exists in an extremely competitive segment, which makes the achievement even more remarkable”, says Benny Brännbacka, Head of Project Management and Engineering.

“To some degree, the Swan 48 is an entry model into the Swan world. It is the perfect family cruiser, capable of sailing around the world in total safety and comfort”, adds Henrik Sandbacka, CFO.

Benny Brännbacka and Henrik Sandbacka

NAUTOR’S SWAN is the only manufacturer with a portfolio of sailing yachts ranging from 36ft. all the way up to 125ft. The company’s core business is performance cruising yachts, while the racingyachts are complementary to them. The Swan yachts are standard yachts with optional features added.

“The bigger a yacht is, the more customisation is allowed. The yachts could be characterised as tailored standard yachts”, says Sandbacka.

Extreme customisation, however, is done on the Club Swan 125 superyacht.“In this racing yacht every gram is under consideration, and since it is designed for speeds above 30 knots, performance enhancement features include carbon fibre and titanium materials throughout the vessel, a single subsurface curved foil and a canting keel”, says Brännbacka.

FOR HALF A CENTURY Nautor’s Swan yachts have had a reputation for being the Rolls-Royce of the oceans. High quality is still the prevailing mindset at Nautor today. The latest investment to further improve the company’s high boatyard standards is a world-class painting box measuring 40m x 12m x 8m. The box features air circulation up to 448,000m3/h and digital humidity and temperature control.

“When choosing materials, we follow valid regulations set for painting, coating, the wood used in the interior etc. The requirements for the coating and painting of a luxury yacht are much higher than for a premium car”, says Brännbacka.

Nautor’s Swan

Business sector: Production of semi-custom yachts

Turnover: 70 MEUR

Employees: 280

Export: 99%

Major markets: Europe, Russia, Asia and USA

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