EPV Energy is aiming for 100% eco-friendly energy generation

WHEN THE WORLD wants zero-emissions energy generation, EPV Energy will meet the expectations and develop a plan to implement them. EPV Energy is a visionary of energy production and has often acted as a trailblazer in its sector. That is exactly what it is doing today. CEO Rami Vuola presents a diagram that holds the keys to the solution for eliminating the emissions of energy production.

“It is our official goal to achieve zero emissions by 2035, but in practice we aim to achieve it much sooner. We have made huge investments in reducing our emissions and still more are needed.”

EPV ENERGY is a Finnish energy company that generates and procures almost 6% of all the electricity consumed in Finland. The majority of its annual electricity production of more than 4,500 GWh is already generated emission free. Over thelast few years, the graph showing EPV’s emissions has been declining steeply. Its energy generation has become cleaner, thanks especially to its investments in industrial-scale wind power farms and its closing down of fossil fuel power plants.

“The latest three wind power farms we have built are some of the largest in Finland, both in terms of power and size”, Vuola says.

IN VUOLA’S VISION of the energy system of the future, each energy company’s role is to totally clean up their electricity generation. The new system requires synthetic fuels to work, and competitive technology for the manufacture of such fuels is currently being developed by several players in the world.

“Synthetic fuels will allow us to move to an entirely new kind of energy system. Together with renewables and nuclear power, they will replace fossil fuels entirely in energy generation”, Vuola explains.

VUOLA’S DIAGRAM shows electrolysis running on zero-emission energy being used to separate, for example, hydrogen from water and later processed into synthetic LNG. “The existing infrastructure for LNG and natural gas could be used to transport the fuel all over the world”, Vuola envisages.

Zero-emission electrical and heating systems will be linked together and their energy can be stored and usage optimised. In short, this form of energy production and storage can also offer zeroemission district heating. Heat generation will be further boosted with wood-based biomass and industrial waste heat.

ACCORDING TO Vuola, the big strategic questions right now are synthetic fuels and EPV’s investments into renewables and storage systems.

“If the development of synthetic fuel into a competitive power source advances as quickly as that of wind and solar power, in just 10 years we may find that the zero emission energy system is our most competitive option. This is the direction we are going at EPV, and this will be how we clean up the world.”

EPV Energy

Business sector: Electricity and heat generation and transmission

Turnover: 362 MEUR

Employees: 101

Electricity procurement: 4.9 TWh

Heat Procurement: 1.4 TWh

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