"We pride ourselves on finding the best way, even if it means creating a new way", says Timo Harri.

Agility is Crimppi’s superpower

WHEN THE NEED for optical fibre cables or electromechanical assembly arises in the electrical and electronics industries, Crimppi is eager and ready to rise to the challenge. Crimppi is the largest manufacturer of wire harnesses in Finland. The company adapts its services to its customer’s needs and always finds the best way to sup-port and serve the operations of that particular customer. Crimppi CEO and owner Timo Harri calls this flexibility, which is practically the company’s middle name.

“Sure, we produce high quality, that goes without saying. But being agile is even more special in this field. Things don’t always have to be done the way everyone else does them, or the way they’ve always been done. We pride ourselves on finding the best way to do things, even if it means creating a new way”, he sums up.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN in practice? Crimppi acts as a subcontractor mainly for the energy and medical industries. Customers’ needs may vary a great deal even within one line of business: while one focuses on a swift delivery and another one values components delivered in sets, the third one may seek a quick prototype and quick initiation of production. Crimppi is able to meet these needs, every one of them. Even if the products are fairly similar, the service model is always built in a flexible way.

“Thanks to this kind of agility, our absolute strength is the high efficiency of our smaller and even very technical mass production processes”, Harri explains.

CRIMPPI OFFERS manufacture of wire harnesses and optical fibre cables, as well as assembly and product design services. The company has its own network of factories in Finland, Croatia and China. It capitalises on these plants in a smart way according to the customer’s needs and depending on the lead time and the target area of the products.

“Sometimes the overall context – including responsibility and environmental concerns – dictates that it’s best to manufacture the products in Europe. That is why it’s not uncommon for us to transfer profuction, say, from China to Finland”, Harri says.

CRIMPPI’S NEWEST customer group, perhaps surprisingly, focuses on mobile machinery, such as mining machines, dumpers and forest machines. “Agility and courage are our number one values. When we realise that we can utilise our operating model also in a new sector, you bet we’re going to do that”, Harri smiles.


Business sector: Wire harnesses, fibre optic cables and assembly services

Turnover: >25 MEUR

Employees: 400

Locations: Finland, Croatia, China

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