There are lessons to be learned from web shop pioneer Dermoshop

BACK IN 1996, there were not that many web shops in the world, and most people didn’t even own a computer. Cosmetics company Dermoshop was therefore a true pioneer when launching its first web shop that same year. Since then, the company has gathered a lotof valuable experience in how to do business online. What is the most important lesson to be learned from this e-commerce pioneer and superstar?

MOST IMPORTANTLY, interacting with customers is key to developing an outstanding customer experience. Dermoshop has fromthe start taken a very open and accessible approach towards its customers. There is a whole community around the web shop, where customers can write their honest reviews of products. Dermoshop’s own personnel is also actively answering questions and helping customers pick the right products.

“When we renewed our web shop a while ago, we got enormous amounts of feedback, which we are grateful for. The feedback is very valuable when developing the new shop further”, CDO Rasmus Backlund explains.

Dermoshop is constantly thinking of new ways of interacting and creating additional value together with its customers.

“A good example is our new Goodwill product range, where we and our customers jointly contribute to different charity projects with every sold product. In this way, we aim to make a difference in society.”

Rasmus Backlund and Suvi Markko

IN AUTUMN 2019, Dermoshop was chosen as one of the best web shops in a survey carried out by Posti (a postal company in Finland) among Finnish consumers. Dermoshop made the Top 10 in tough competition with giants such as Amazon and Zalando.

“We are obviously very proud of how well we did in that survey, especially as we competed against international companies with big resources and broad product ranges. We consider this as a proof that we are on the right track and have done many things right.”

”While it is important to have deep understanding of algorithms and SEO when running a business online, Markko wants to point out that this is not Dermoshop’s core identity.

“We started off by being the skin friendly alternative. That’s a sustainable and inspiring foundation to build on.”


Business sector: Web shop for skin and hair care products, makeup, home care products and health supplements

Turnover: 27 MEUR

Employees: 90

Major markets: Finland, Sweden, Russia and Estonia

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