Heikius Hus-Talo
“Prefabricating the wooden modules inside a factory means that they are safe from moisture and extensive temperature changes”, says Göran Heikius. From left: Helena Helsing, Maria Eriksson, Kaj Heikius and Göran Heikius.

Heikius Hus-Talo is the preferred supplier of wooden modular turnkey homes

SINCE ITS FOUNDATION more than 50 years ago, Heikius Hus-Talo has successfully developed into a specialised manufacturer of wooden prefabricated modular homes and house kits. From a modern factory in Kaitsor, Vörå, the company delivers private homes, modular solutions for schools and daycare facilities and multi-storey high-rise apartments.

“Recently, we have seen a big increase in module deliveries for schools and daycare facilities. Weare also continuously delivering house modules to Sweden. Our modules are very smart options for cities and municipalities, since no costly temporary solutions are needed thanks to the short construction time”, says Göran Heikius, CEO.

AT HEIKIUS HUS-TALO, it is natural to use sustainable materials when building homes and to minimise wastage as much as possible. Part of the company’s sustainability policy is to convert construction waste into wood chips for use in heating.“We are almost self-reliant regarding heating.”

The customers of Heikius Hus-Talo often want eco-friendly and sustainable materials in their new home, and the company’s speciality is to develop doable solutions for the customer’s needs.

“We have used pure and naturally produced wood fibre as an alternative to rockwool insulation and found it to work very well.”

Today, there is a rising interest in building homes from cross-laminated timber (CLT). “CLT-walls significantly dampen acoustics and increase breathing-air comfort. CLT-walls also keep humidity at a stable level with few variations.”

Heikius Hus-Talo delivered ten staff accommodation units to the Niehku Mountain Villa hotel at Riksgränsen in northern Sweden. The company has delivered houses to locations all over Finland, as well as to Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, Iceland, France, Russia and even as far as South-Korea.

SINCE 2014, Heikius Hus-Talo has also built several wooden multi-storey modular apartment buildings, which are well-suited for fourto six-storey houses. Modules can reduce the on-site construction time by almost 90%. The benefits from this are lower costs as well as a carefully controlled quality. Since the apartment modules are built inside a factory, no extra heating costs are required on-site and there is no need to worry about bad weather.

“Building in the traditional way would often take up to one year on-site. We can assemble wooden prefabricated, turnkey modules into a four-storey building in one week. The customer will know exactly on which date people can move in. In addition, less transportation is needed, which is good for both the environment and the economy.”

Heikius Hus-Talo


Business sector: Wooden prefabricated house kits and modular homes

Turnover 2019: 6.5 MEUR

Employees: 23

Export: 10%

Major markets: Finland and the Nordic countries

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