“Companies as such have little significance without their employees. It is the people that create the value”, says Kristian Schrey.

Viexpo boosts Finnish export

OSTROBOTHNIAN COMPANIES have made exceptional achievements in the export market in the last decades. Viexpo, in turn, is celebrating 50 successful years in helping Finnish companies succeed internationally.

“We help the companies get in shape for the international markets by providing them with consultation services, market analysis, strategies and goal setting. Our wide contact network locally and globally benefits the companies, and all basic advisory services are free of charge”, says Kristian Schrey, CEO at Viexpo.

VIEXPO IS a unique organisation in Finland as well as globally. With funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the member municipalities, for example, Viexpo connects businesses with customers around the world via joint export projects and enterprise-specific services.

“Annually, we serve more than 1,000 companies, and we accompany more than 100 businesses to fairs and business travels.”

Viexpo is part of a nationwide network called TeamFinland, which includes governmental organisations, ministries, embassies and chambers of commerce. Together they all help Finnish companies to succeed abroad.

VIEXPO ALSO coordinates a national competence hub called the NordicHub, which aims to increase the SMEs’ exports to the Nordic market.

“As a multilingual organisation, it is natural for us to have close relations with Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. The primary goal is to increase cooperation and sales. Sweden is a demanding market, but the people are easy to communicate with, and the country is close by. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”

But according to Schrey, the Nordic market is not enough. The Nordic countries, as a brand representing quality, stability, honesty and ethical values, are very appreciated on a global scale. World-class solutions for a sustainable society are developed here.

A magnificent 60% of all “green” patents in the Nordic countries originate from the companies in the Vaasa region. Everything is connected to everything; smart energy solutions are connected to a circular economy, which is related to sustainable development, which is connected to smart energy solutions, etc.

“Viexpo can be an external resource that introduces companies to the right people, such as contacts, agents and resellers. The Nordic countries are small, but together we form a notable entity.”


Cooperative society. Financed by The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development, and the municipalities in the area. Basic services are free of charge.

Business sector: Assistance in international trade for small and medium-sized companies

Offices: In Jakobstad, Kokkola, Vaasa and Kurikka

Established: 1970

Employees: 8

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