Vaasa Parks
The Powergate II property was completed in the autumn of 2019 for use by Wärtsilä Finland Oy. The solar power solutions used in this building can be seen on its south-facing walls.

Vaasa Parks and VP Facilities offer progressive premises

VAASA PARKS and VP Facilities are two companies with a shared, ironclad team of professionals. The same team both offers companies modern solutions for premises and designs and manufactures entirely new office and production buildings in the Vaasa region. Both functions were previously carried out under the Vaasa Parks umbrella, but have recently been split into two companies in order to clarify the ownership base and operations.

THE FUTURA I–IV buildings are Vaasa Parks’pride and joy and a firm framework for the large cluster of companies operating at Vaasa Airport Park. They are a modern and user-oriented business park environment for 60 technologyoriented companies and 600 employees, offering enterprises a vital business advantage with their efficient infrastructure and diverse services. The reception services, restaurants and meeting facilities, etc. provide effortless routines for companies. No wonder they are almost full of tenants.

“Thanks to high demand, we have started planning the Futura V building for Vaasa Airport Park”, says the CEO of Vaasa Parks, Ulla Mäki-Lohiluoma.

Futura V is designed to generate electricity with its own solar panels. It will offer the most up-to-date technical solutions and trends in business premises. It will house, for example, a modern co-working space.

VAASA PARKS helps companies also to find alternatives from already existing premises all over the region with the help of a register of business facilities. In addition, it coordinates the Invest In Vaasa project. It also continues to participate in the work on GigaVaasa in order to facilitate the establishment of battery factories in the region.

VP FACILITIES will continue its facility development activities in Vaasa. Its premises are tailor-made projects for business use. According to Mäki-Lohiluoma, the requirements of quality, a suitable timetable and cost effectiveness are always secured for the customer by extensive competitive procurement.

“Our operating model is based on the cooperation between the tenants and the users of the property and the developer. The user participatesin the process right from the design phase. We make the process as open and transparent for the customer as possible”, Mäki-Lohiluoma explains.

When the new or renovated property has been completed, VP Facilities can continue as its future developer and even as the owner.

Vaasa Parks, VP Facilities

Vaasa Parks:,,

Owners: Technology Centre Merinova, City of Vaasa

Turnover: 2.5 MEUR

VP Facilities:

Owners: Merinova, City of Vaasa, Wedeco

Turnover: 2.5 MEUR

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