Many of VASEK's projects aim at sustainable development as a source of business growth. Project managers Riitta Björkenheim, Göran Östberg, Anna Måtts-Fransén and Mauritz Knuts.

VASEK working with responsible logistics, smart cities and the circular economy

VAASA REGION DEVELOPMENT COMPANY VASEK is an expert guide along the path to becoming a regional success story. It develops strategies and creates infrastructure and networks that allow companies to be founded, become established and thrive in the region. “We are everybody’s colleague. We help companies become established, change and grow”, CEO Stefan Råback says.

MANY OF VASEK’S projects aim at sustainable development as a source of growth for the region’s trade and industry. Logistics expert Riitta Björkenheim and her colleague Anna Måtts-Fransén are in charge of developing the region’s logistics, as companies in the area require accessibility for both people and goods. Logistics often deal with emissions, but VASEK is building a more sustainable pattern together with different stakeholders and focusing resources on it. It is all about developing public transport and streams of people and goods in a responsible way.

“We are seeking to merge these streams of goods and reduce their carbon footprint. This is on every company’s agenda today, providing fertile ground for new ideas.”

KNOWN FOR ITS energy know-how, the Vaasa region also has expertise in smart, sustainable construction. Project Manager Mauritz Knuts knows that local companies have plenty of world-class expertise in building smart cities.

“The smart cities and factories of the future need top energy know-how. We coach companies in how to offer their solutions for tomorrow’s construction all over the world”, Knuts explains.VASEK’s job is to bring experts together and to coach companies through the stages of development, giving them the ability to compete internationally with their solutions.

CEO Stefan Råback

A SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE requires the circular economy to move beyond mere recycling. In a functioning circular economy, the design, manufacture and consumption of products result in zero waste. While VASEK seeks a wealth of opportunities for circular economy companies, its Project Manager Göran Östberg seeks companies for the RENERGI circular economy hub.

“The circular economy is a mission we must aspire to and a source of business and welfare for the region. RENERGI is a strong, evolving hub founded on the currently most developed waste management in the world. Our opportunities for growth are great.”

VASEK – Vaasa Region Development Company

Main objectives: Business services, regional development and marketing of the region. VASEK helps with starting a business, when looking for a business partner or when in need of advice how to expand and develop business. For foreign companies, VASEK functions as the gateway to the region and helps to connect with local networks.

Owners: 7 municipalities in the region

Employees: 17

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