“When a company identifies a competence gap, we can tailor a course at very short notice to fill that gap”, say Max Hagström and Merja Forslund.

Osuvakoulutus provides companies with skilled employees

OSUVAKOULUTUS OY in Kokkola is an independent educational provider founded in 2015, which is owned by the Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia (KPEDU).

“We exist for the business community, and we sell our services to the companies. Our biggest customers are the local TE Office and the Ostrobothnia ELY Centre*. The companies need labour, and we strive to provide them with competent staff by organising recruitment education and tailored courses quickly and efficiently,” says Max Hagström, CEO at Osuvakoulutus Oy. Osuvakoulutus Oy is the only educational provider in Finland that is part of EURES (European Employment Services), an extensive European cooperation network that makes it easier for employers and employees to find each other throughout Europe.

THE TREND in the Central Ostrobothnia and Ostrobothnia region is that companies need skilled craftsmen. The demand for blue collar workers, in particular, is huge. Therefore, a substantial part of the work Osuvakoulutus does is aimed at supporting the unemployed or jobseekers to find a job or a new career.

“We are lucky to co-exist with the vocational institute that educates such skilled people. Our goal is to help employers and jobseekers come together. We are not an employment agency as such, but if we know that a car mechanic is available, for example, then we try to help by contacting suitable companies”, says Merja Forslund, Project Manager for labour market training projects.

OSUVAKOULUTUS OY also organises courses for existing personnel in companies. “When a company identifies a competence gap, we can tailor a course at very short notice to fill that gap”, says Hagström.

Sometimes an employer cannot find a suitable person for a job and recruitment education is needed. This could apply in a situation where an applicant would otherwise have been employed if they hadn’t lacked a specific skill that was required. The TE Office then buys a tailored course from Osuvakoulutus Oy.

“The person can become employed after having acquired the needed competence in a recruitment education course that can last for 30–100 days. More than 92% of all participants find a job after recruitment education. This is among the highest success rate in Finland”, Hagström explains.

Osuvakoulutus, Kpedu


Business sector: Education and training

Turnover: 1.2 MEUR

Employees: 2


Business sector: Vocational Education and Training

Turnover: 36 MEUR

Employees: 420

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