View of the old harbour (Gamla hamn). Some 2,000 people work in the harbour industrial area, called Alholmen, further out. The companies there generate a combined annual turnover of one billion euros. About 75% of the turnover is derived from export.

Jakobstad – the city with a strong entrepreneurial spirit

THE CITY OF JAKOBSTAD (Pietarsaari in Finnish) has continuously succeeded to produce positive developmental results during recent years. New companies have been established in the region, and there is a strong belief in a long-term prosperous future. Today, the commercial life in the area needs even more labour than is currently available.

“The unemployment rate in the region is as low as 4%, and the rate is even lower in the neighbouring municipalities of Pedersöre and Larsmo. So, we and our companies, both big and small, need more people”, says Kristina Stenman, Mayor of Jakobstad.

The majority of the companies in Jakobstad are SMEs. “Our city has long business traditions. We have had shipyards, for example, since the 17th century!”

A TYPICAL CITIZEN lives in a private house, runsa small company and is descended from parents who moved to the city. Jakobstad is an ideal place for business. Still, the 1,200 companies and their employees cannot manage without the wellfunctioning city services that are also available here. These include things such as housing, culture, sports, and leisure activities, not to mention social services like schools, day-care centres in three languages and proper healthcare.

“We support the business life in different ways. For example, in close cooperation with enterprises, we strive to meet their demands for skilled workers by supporting and investing in our two Universities of Applied Sciences, Centria and Novia, so that they can provide a professional workforce through valuable education.”

Kristina Stenman

OVERALL, the infrastructure in Jakobstad is at a very high level. New industrial sites are all fitted with fast internet connections; today 50% of citizens and 70% of companies have access to broadband via optical fibre cable. Many companies make use of the electric railway running through the city all the way out to the Port of Jakobstad, which has an 11-metre-deep shipping lane.

“The environment and surroundings are fantastic, featuring many hiking trails, excellent cross-country skiing tracks and lovely beaches. We are also about to update our climate strategy together with our surrounding neighbours to put even more focus on sustainability. Maybe you are our new typical citizen?”

Jakobstad (Pietarsaari)


Population: 19,300

Languages: Swedish (56%), Finnish (35%), other languages (9%)

Main business fields: Food industry, wood pulp, sailing yachts, packaging materials

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