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ELY Centre Ostrobothnia serves both industries and the individual

ELY CENTRE OSTROBOTHNIA is one of 15 Finnish Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, which are responsible for the regional implementation and development tasks of the central government. ELY Centre Ostrobothnia geographically covers Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia; regions, which are strongly exportled and characterized by their internationality, multiculturalism, entrepreneurship and specialised know-how in a variety of business fields.

Industry clusters of energy, chemicals, agriculture, boating and more can be found in ELY Centre Ostrobothnia’s two regions, which also boast with the highest employment rate in Finland, 76.1%. Here circular economy is understood in a widesense, with material value chains overarching the different industries.

THE STARTING POINT of the ELY Centres’ activities and strategic focus is the Finnish government programme, with its goals for employment (>75%), carbon neutrality (by 2035) and R&D (>4% of the country’s GDP).ELY Centre Ostrobothnia collaborates closely with regional companies that work for carbon neutrality and the fight against climate change. Local energy know-how and technologies can be scaled and exported globally and co-operation over business sectors is here a long-held tradition for finding the energy-efficient solutions of tomorrow.

The centre coordinates regionally the Team Finland network, which through its vast experience and tools helps companies grow and go global. Locally companies are also supported in exporting sustainable solutions through networks, rather than isolated products and services.

IN A CHANGING WORLD, also well-off regions like Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia need development support, particularly in attracting and training skilful labour. The Talent Coastline ecosystem, which is part of the national Talent Boost programme and coordinated by ELY Centre Ostrobothnia in its regions, aims at recruitingand retaining international talent by facilitating integration in the local society, both professionally and socially.

In order to raise the employment rate, the government sees a need to develop skills at different stages in people’s lives and careers. ELY Centre Ostrobothnia, therefore, also serves regional industries and individuals by supporting continuous learning. A skilled regional workforce guarantees the survival of local business, which in turn results in a vital region and the wellbeing of its people.

ELY Centre Ostrobothnia


Business sector: Promoting entrepreneurship and a functioning labour market, preservation of a thriving countryside and cultural activities

Employees: 178

Regions of influence: Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia

Director General: Timo Saari

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