A world in change is at the centre of attention at Hanken and Hanken & SSE. From the left: Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes, Camilla Wikman and André Österholm.

At Hanken, attention is on the future

AT HANKEN SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, sustainable growth has become a focus area of increasing importance over the past few years. In additionto highlighting corporate responsibility in degree studies, attention is also given to sustainability in Hanken’s research.

“In Hanken’s new strategy the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are emphasized. The idea is that our research can be connectedto these goals and that our researchers identify, which goal their research works towards”, explains Sören Kock, Professor and Dean of Education and Operations at Hanken in Vaasa.

A HANKEN RESEARCHER, who focuses on corporate responsibility, and even questions economic growth at the expense of the environment, is Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes, Assistant Professor in Management and Organisation:

“During my doctoral years, I studied the political actions of corporations and their consequences for indigenous peoples and society at large. Now my research focuses on sustainable local economies, where local movements have been able to make radical changes for more sustainable societies.”

ALSO WITHIN Hanken & SSE Executive Education, sustainability is in focus through growth. Hanken & SSE in Vaasa offers consulting and skill and competence development programmes, mainly in Swedish and English, for companies of every size and industry.

“Based on their strategies, we help companies grow and transform by matching our services to their needs. For us, sustainable growth is manageable and profitable. In our programmes we also go through important subjects, such as circular economy and digitalisation”, says André Österholm, Director at Hanken & SSE in Vaasa.

IN THE BEGINNING OF 2019, the executive education operations in Vaasa were integrated into Hanken & SSE, a company jointly owned by Hanken School of Economics and Stockholm School of Economics. The benefits of the new structure are a larger network of international experts, alarger team, a wider span of programmes and the ability to be at the forefront of arising trends in the market and offer customers the support to navigate them.

Camilla Wikman, CMO of Prevex and Hanken & SSE programme participant sees a clear demand for executive education of high quality: “Hanken & SSE offers programmes with very topical content in our rapidly changing world. Their great selection of programmes inspires ideas and tools that can directly be implemented into one’s own working life.”

Hanken School of Economics, Hanken & SSE Executive Education


Students autumn 2019: 2386 (506 in Vaasa)

Doctoral students autumn 2019: 126 (16 in Vaasa)

FTE 2018: 255 (45 in Vaasa)

Accreditations: Triple crown: EQUIS, AACSB & Associations of MBAs

Certification systems: PRME, FINHEEC


Business sector: Executive education

Executive Education Programmes: 58 (18 in Vaasa)

Employees: 30

Turnover 2019: 3.2 MEUR

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