Wasa Innovation Center
Wasa Innovation Center's magic is in making the information quickly available to the right people.

Wasa Innovation Center aims brings together experts

PHASE ONE: Building a carbon neutral centre of expertise in Vaasa and getting experts of various fields excited about the effective development of innovations.

Phase two: Expanding the network of experts to cover 300 professionals and representatives of companies and public organisations starting in 2020.

Phase three: Over the next few years, building a new, even larger centre of innovation with room for at least 500 more experts.

The goal: Wasa Innovation Center includes a thousand passionate people who have in-depth knowledge about their specific fields and who want to build a better future, right here and now.

THESE ARE tough steps aimed at a tough goal, but Sture Udd has complete faith in them. He is the man behind Wasa Innovation Center (WIC) and he firmly believes in this Ostrobothnian Path of Innovation.

“Usually, a new innovation takes tens of years to get ready, but we are able to do it in just one year, some weeks or even just days.”

How is that possible? Udd explains that the magic is in making the information quickly available to the right people. Instead of bouncing the new idea around between various steering groups, the people involved seize it immediately and start implementing it.

“The people and companies here don’t have to look for suitable customers or investors abroad. Instead, the right people come to us.”

Sture Udd

AS AN EXAMPLE, Udd mentions endeavours to put deep science into practice. The latest achievement in this regard is turning CERN’s collision experiments into pragmatic innovations.WIC also develops ecosystems for companies, sets in motion changes in mindset for co-creation and engagement within organisations and solves concrete challenges for companies on a risk basis.

“Tech Academy – a non-profit project – allows us to support new ways of learning and, in the future, it may be of service in teaching, for example, applied mathematics.”

Since its inauguration in 2019, Wasa Innovation Center has attracted a great deal of interest in international networks. As the father of the idea, Udd welcomes everyone to come and explore the centre where advancement and developing oneself together with others are the shared driving forces for all the participants.

Wasa Innovation Center


Business sector: Brings together entrepreneurs, scientists and communities in order to innovate

Employees: 160

Cooperation network: Finland, Sweden, Dubai, Europe and Asia

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