Niclas Pada in front of a Quatro; NTM’s game-changing recycling vehicle with four chambers for different waste fractions.

The world’s most advanced refuse collection vehicles are made by NTM

WHAT IS THE BEST way to get people to increase recycling? The answer is of course to make recycling as easy as possible. This was exactly the idea when NTM started developing the pioneering Quatro recycling vehicle 15 years ago.

“The vehicle was developed in close cooperation with our customers, i.e refuse collection and waste management companies”, explains NTM’s CEO Niclas Pada. Quatro’s speciality is that the vehicle can carry four different waste fractions at the same time. This means savings in transports, lower CO2 emissions, as well as enhanced recycling.

“Studies show that people will more likely recycle their waste if they can do it effortlessly at home. This is exactly what Quatro is made for.”

TODAY, every fourth new refuse collection vehicle sold in Sweden is a Quatro. Sweden is perhaps the most developed country in the world in terms of recycling.

“The Scandinavian countries in general are at the forefront when it comes to recycling. This gives us an advantage when we export our products to other countries as well”, says Pada. Every year, 800 vehicles leave NTM’s factories. To be closer to its export markets, NTM has established factories in the UK, Russia and Germany, in addition to the original factory in Närpes, Finland.

HAVING GROWN with double-digit numbers for 20 years in a row, NTM is today the third largest company in its field in Europe. When it comes to product development, they are number one.

“It is in this company’s DNA to continuously develop our products. There is no other company with such a broad and comprehensive range of refuse collection vehicles. We have rearloaders, frontloaders as well as sideloaders, and in addition, we have a broad selection of multi-chamber vehicles”, says Pada. And as if that was not enough, NTM also offers a broad range of trailers and bodyworks.



Business sector: Recycling vehicles, trailers and bodyworks

Turnover: 100 MEUR

Employees: 620

Export: 80%

Major markets: Europe

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