"Our employee satisfaction is extremely high – and this translates as satisfied customers too", say Seija Purovirta, Nina Degerman and Jyrki Lahti.

Tekniq is a reliable project partner

FINDING A SKILLED and committed professional is often challenging. It doesn’t make the recruitment process any easier if that professional is expected to be prepared to work on the other side of the world for several months. Luckily, Tekniq has more than 40 such experts, worth their weight in gold. They are all regular employees of the company, engineers with top know-how, who go around the world to help their customers manage their energy or other type of projects.

“We supply project resources for various projects mainly in the energy sector. We are able to find the appropriate experts and the desired competence for practically any project work our clients need”, says Jyrki Lahti, CEO of Tekniq.

WHAT MAKES Tekniq special compared to other resource management companies is the fact that, as a rule, their project workers are their regularemployees. According to Lahti, this brings real benefits for the company, employees and especially its customers.

“We are able to train our staff and continuously cultivate their professional skills. We also make sure that all their licences are up to date. It makes for more effective HR management and quicker service for our customers. It is a little more expensive for us, certainly, but in the end all the other advantages make it worthwhile”, Lahti says.

Employees’ job satisfaction is particularly important for Tekniq, and in Lahti’s opinion, it is the first and foremost thing to pay attention to.

“Our employee satisfaction is extremely high. We train, develop and take good care of them, wherever they are in the world. When we take care of everything else, they have the energy to give their all to the projects – and this translates as satisfied customers too.”

ONE OF TEKNIQ’S assets is their local knowledge of the project location. The company has extensive networks all over the world, and quite often a suitable expert can be found in the target country, which makes the work permit and visa process easier. At best, work is being carried out under the name of Tekniq on almost all the continents of the world. Lahti is happy and proud of the success the company he established has achieved and of its popularity with customers. Customers appreciate Tekniq’s operating model of adapting itself to their needs, and this has generated numerous lasting partnerships.

“We engage in the long-term development of our cooperation with our customers and, thanks to our long and diverse project experience, often discover processes that make the customer’s operations more efficient”, Lahti explains.



Business sector: Project resource management, recruiting and project consulting

Turnover: 5 MEUR

Employees: 45

Export: Indirectly 90%

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