Sundström is a family-owned company. Most of the customers can be found in the public sector.

Sundström has become a major player in track and land construction

FAMILY-OWNED infrastructure company Sundström has grown quite rapidly for several years and is today a major player in land construction along the West coast of Finland. When it comes to track construction, the company is one of few Finnish companies that has its own track construction machinery.

Established in 1966, Sundström has now grown to become one of the largest employers in the municipality of Pedersöre. This fact is perhaps not generally known.

“One of my missions is to make Sundström more known, both in the region and nationally”, CEO Tommy Wikman states.

Tommy Wikman

ACCORDING TO WIKMAN, Sundström is eager to take on large infrastructure projects, as the company then can truly utilise its expertise and capacity.

“We have a very long tradition and solid expertise in this field. In addition, we have the required machinery to take on large and challenging projects.”

In addition to an impressive amount of modern machinery, Sundström has an asphalt station of its own. Sundström is a forerunner in using 3D modelling in land construction, a method that optimises the work of the excavators. The next big thing in the infrastructure business is sustainability. Reusing materials is one way to enhance sustainability, another is to use modern and green machinery.

“By using modern machinery, we can be energy-efficient. In addition, we carefully plan our processes, in order to move the machinery as little as possible from project to project. In this way, we can reduce fuel consumption.”

ANOTHER HOT TOPIC in the infrastructure business is the national repair debt that is the result of years of too small investments in roads and railways. Finland invests less in infrastructure compared to the other Nordic countries. “However, we are pleased to see that infrastructure investments are perhaps picking up speed in Finland again”, says Wikman.


Business sector: Infrastructure; earthworks, track building, paving

Turnover: 63.5 MEUR

Employees: 120

Major markets: Domestic

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