Solving’s handlingsystems are found in a wide range of applications. This AGV is part of a larger handling system for a customer in Australia.

Solving offers world-class load handling

WHY ARE big global companies such as Airbus willing to travel so far north to visit a small company outside Jakobstad? They do this to order the advanced moving equipment which will be used to transport engines, wings and complete aircraft bodies through their manufacturing processes. Companies like Airbus rely on Solving’s unique and sophisticated products, Solving Movers, as wellas Solving’s flexibility and ability to adjust their handling systems to fulfil their customers’ specific needs.

SOLVING DESIGNS and manufactures load handling systems that use either air bearings or wheels. These load handling systems are used to move industrial loads weighing from only a few hundred kilograms to several hundred tonnes efficiently and safely. Solving’s air film transporters are floated on a thin film of air, which virtually eliminates friction, making them suitable for handling particularly large and heavy objects with ease, whilst Solving’s automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are used for continuous operation, carrying lesser loads in factories and warehouses.

SOLVING’S MOVERS contain standardised components and modules, which is of greater importance today as the trend moves towards multiple units within more complex systems.

“There are many manufacturers of standard handling systems worldwide, but we create systems that are tailor-made to suit the customer’s often very demanding load handling requirements. These systems are usually installed as turnkey projects. To a large extent, we are also helping customers to develop processes in their production facilities”, says Andreas Björk, Deputy MD Marketing and Sales.

With customers and installations in more than 60 countries, Solving is a small local player operating on a global scale. “Today, modern technology makes it possible to communicate with our customers and our products wherever they are in the world”, says Peter Björk, Managing Director. “We are always available to our customers for maintenance and service throughout the products’ lifecycles.”

“Some customers have been with us for 30 years”, say Project Manager Nina Karls-Nygård, Peter Björk and Andreas Björk.

SOLVING MOVERS are used in a wide variety of industries such as aircraft, motor, railway, steel, wind power, paper and wood just to mention a few. The market areas currently being targeted for growth are Central Europe and, specifically, Germany.

“Having large global companies as customers gives us enormous credibility; this is something we greatly appreciate and continuously strive to maintain and develop”, says Andreas Björk.


Business sector: Automated load handling systems

Turnover: 15.2 MEUR

Employees: 57

Export: 85%

Major markets: Worldwide

Solving Group

Including Solving, Fluid-Bag and subsidiaries

Turnover: 30.5 MEUR

Employees: 150

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