Everything we offer in our extensive product range is world-class, especially our side doors”, say Hannu Louhi and Nicklas Pärus.

Närko’s lightweight trailer solutions maximise transport economy

NÄRKO GROUP has been on the road to success for 60 years. The company consists of three independent companies. Everything started from Botnia Grönsaker, a company that is still active in the tomato and cucumber growing industry. Oy Närko Ab, the central business unit, manufactures trailers and superstructures, cargo boxes, platforms, chassis, timber trailers and dollies, while the third company, Trailer Rigg, manufactures the components that Närko uses in their production.

“We are the market leader in dolly trailers in the Nordic countries. Our lightweight dollies have become one of our main products, thanks to our well-planned designs”, says Nicklas Pärus, Managing Director at Närko. Service and after-sales are also significant for Närko, which has subsidiaries in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

WHAT STARTED as a small mechanical workshop has developed into one of the biggest trailer manufacturers in the Nordic countries. One ofNärko’s much-appreciated solutions, a trailer cargo box with side doors to allow easy loading and offloading, has been in Närko’s product range since the early 1970s.Närko’s continued success over the years has been due to always providing customers with exactly the products they need and require.

“Besides customer needs, official regulations regarding trailer weights and lengths also guide how we continuously develop our products. We want Närko to be the natural choice of both large and small transport companies when looking for new trailers.”

NÄRKO’S IMPORTANT markets are Finland, Norway and Sweden. Sweden has been a focus market since the 1970s and close to 50% of production is exported there. Other export markets include the Baltic States and Russia.

Environmental responsibility is an integralpart of the products that Närko manufactures. Materials and components are carefully chosen tofulfil the company’s sustainability goals. But the product itself also contributes to more efficient and eco-friendly transportation.

“Customers want to maximise transport volume and economy. When we develop more lightweight solutions, customers can load more goods within the weight regulation limits and use less fuel per transported unit.”

Närko Group


Business sector: Trailers and superstructures

Turnover: 55.8 MEUR

Employees: 233

Export: 50%

Major markets: The Nordic countries

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