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Bernt Björkholm is pleased that shipping company Wallenius-Sol has decided to open a new ro-ro line from the port of Vaasa. The line goes from Vaasa to various ports in the UK, Belgium and Germany.

KWH Logistics has become the biggest port operator in Finland

SINCE THE TURN of the millennium, KWH Logistics has grown from a small local forwarding company to a big diversified logistics group. The group consists of several subsidiaries, some of which are more known than the parent company. In fact, the marketing name KWH Logistics was taken into use as late as in 2019.

The biggest growth in the group has taken place in port operations. Through its subsidiaries Rauanheimo, Blomberg Stevedoring and Stevena, KWH Logistics is today the biggest port operator in Finland.

“There is no other port operator with such a large geographical coverage in Finland. We are present in approximately 15 Finnish ports, and we are still expanding”, says Bernt Björkholm, CEO of Blomberg Stevedoring.

ACCORDING TO BJÖRKHOLM, the broad geographical coverage makes KWH Logistics quite unique, and the group has a lot of advantages from its size. Different ports are specialized in different goods, and customers can therefore be referred to the port that best suits their needs. The ports can also relocate machinery and take advantage of each others’ know-how.

“Our aim is to build overall logistics chains for our customers; to take care of their goods from the factory all the way to the sea”, explains Björkholm.

IN ADDITION TO being the biggest port operator in terms of goods volume and geographical coverage, KWH Logistics has also become the biggest player in transit traffic from Russia. The fast growth that the company has experienced in recent years has naturally required some heavy investments in machinery and equipment. According to customer surveys it is exactly this investment capacity that is the group’s main competitive advantage.

“Most of our investments are customer-driven. If our customers have a wish to develop their logistics, we are there to help”, explains Björkholm. The secret behind the group’s investment capacity and financial muscles is its owner; KWH Logistics is owned by one of Finland’s biggest family-owned industrial companies, KWH Group.

KWH Logistics

Member of KWH Group

Business sector: Port logistics, industrial services, international transports and cold storage

Turnover: 185 MEUR

Employees: 500

Parent company: KWH Group

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