“Our solutions build upon proven world-class technology, which we now bring to our customers in Finland”, says Juha Erkkilä, Director of Kosila.

Kosila offers world-leading technology for information management

AN EXPONENTIAL GROWTH of data has many companies drowning in documents and information. Often files are spread out on different platforms and software, leading to inefficiencies and lost working hours. Professional information management expert Kosila offers, together with its market-leading technology partners, M-Files, Esri and Microsoft, a one-stop shop solution for easy data access.

“With artificial intelligence any piece of information can be linked to a single user interface, whichsearches data based on what information you are looking for, rather than where it is physically located”, explains Juha Erkkilä, Director of Kosila.

THANKS TO KOSILA and its technology partners’ platforms, data can now be visually presented on any device, in 2D, 3D or even in virtual reality. With this technology, a so-called ‘digital twin’ can be created. A digital twin is a digitalised 3D environment that is an exact copy of a physical building site, port or other location. The twin is an up-todate digital version of a real site and any planned changes made to it can be accessed in real-time and used for alterations on the actual site.

“When changes are planned in the physical environment, they are first made in the digital twin. Paper prints are no longer needed, and everyone is sure to have the latest blueprints, when the plans are executed in practice”, explains Erkkilä.

THE IT SECTOR is infamously plagued with a lack of skilled labour. Kosila and its technology partners have taken a novel approach to the problem by launching a unique recruitment training programme within digital information management, together with Centria University of Applied Sciences and ELY Centre Ostrobothnia. Kosila Academy, the six-month programme, targets job candidates with university degrees and trains its students for Kosila, M-Files and Esri’s employment needs. The programme guarantees a position at one of the partners and has been an immense success over its two-year existence.

“We bring new talent into our field and have already seen great results. 132 people applied to our first group of students, to which we were able to accept 12 people – a brilliant bunch. We are now on our second group and have funding to take on 90 more students in the next three years”, says Erkkilä.



Business sector: Software and digital services

Turnover: 3.5 MEUR

Employees: 40+

Major markets: Finland

Offices: Kokkola, Vaasa, Tampere, Helsinki

Owner: KPK Yhtiöt Oyj

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