Kaiser Eur-Mark
The NordicStar is a new water recycling vehicle based on the well-proven technologies of the KAISER group specially adapted to the rough conditions in the Nordic countries.

Kaiser Eur-Mark delivers sewer cleaning and industrial disposal vehicles with outstanding technology

SEWER CLEANING and the efficient treatment of industrial waste requires vehicles with state-ofthe-art technology. Add to that the requirement of reliable functionality also in cold conditions, incomparable economic efficiency and eco-friendliness, and Kaiser Eur-Mark provides the perfect solution. The company designs and manufactures articulated vehicles mainly intended for sewer cleaning, with water recirculation equipment as an accessory.

KAISER EUR-MARK’S VEHICLES contain incomparable technology that proves the company’s sales arguments are true. The vehicles are optimised to the highest degree using core components designed within the Kaiser Group, such as high-pressure pumps, vacuum pumps and recirculation systems. The technology of the water recirculation system used in their sewer cleaning vehicles, in particular, is among the most progressive in the world.In practice, every vehicle is a masterpiece built to meet a distinctive need.

“Every vehicle is a project, not a duplicate piece. It takes special intelligence to design and build these vehicles, and they always meet the customer’s specific needs”, say Vice Managing Director Kurt Vienonen and Technical Manager Magnus Karhunmaa.

THE GROUP’S PARENT COMPANY Kaiser AG gives Kaiser Eur-Mark extra clout. It is a 105-yearold family business that continues to operatein the same field long-term and internationally. Vienonen, Karhunmaa and Production ManagerKenneth Helsing are proud of and grateful for the know-how and resources shared by the parent company.

”Kaiser is currently the only company in this industry with a worldwide market approach and success. Its strong regional footprint and customer relationships combined with a strong international background and knowledge offer interesting career opportunities also internally”, Magnus Karhunmaa says.“Ostrobothnian handworking skills, high work ethic and bilingualism attract foreign investors and also made a great impression on Kaiser in Liechtenstein”, Vienonen says.

“The technology of the water recirculation system used in our sewer cleaning vehicles is among the most progressive in the world”, say Kenneth Helsing, Magnus Karhunmaa and Kurt Vienonen.

WHERE WILL Kaiser Eur-Mark’s path lead in the future? The men answer unanimously: towards growth. The company continuously invests in new technology, R&D and the factory. The design and visual aspects of the products also constantly increase in importance.

“Our newest products are already being designed by industrial designers. For example, the magnificent Nordic Star is one such product – a stylish, modern and energy-efficient articulated vehicle that lends itself perfectly to the harsh winter conditions of the Nordic countries.”

Kaiser Eur-Mark


Business sector: Sanitation aggregates

Turnover: 18 MEUR

Employees: 70

Export: 80%

Major markets: Finland, Scandinavia, the Baltic countries

KAISER AG has production facilities in Liechtenstein, Finland, Austria, Italy, Slovakia and the USA. It has approximately 600 employees.

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