Irene Oliver Puerta and Matias Träskbäck participate in Prohoc’s talent program, which aims at sharing knowledge within the company.

For Prohoc, wellbeing is a key KPI

A COMMON MANTRA in the business world is that the employees are an important company resource. However, few companies have taken this as far as project partner company Prohoc.

“Our most important KPI is the wellbeing of our staff. We do personnel surveys four times a year to be able to constantly improve our performance in this field. We perform well already but want to be even better in the future”, states Prohoc CEO Matti Manner.

The benchmark for Prohoc’s way of working is the software industry, which for a long time has worked in a similar way due to the lack of developers. Another benchmark is teambuilding practices in team sports.The reasons for Prohoc’s focus on the employee wellbeing are both ideological and financial.

“As people spend such a large part of their time at work every day, it is our mission to make sure that they are happy there. Moreover, there is a lackof skilled personnel in this field, which naturally means we have to do everything we can to attract experts. In the end, this is a competitive edge for us, as it is not that easy to copy this concept.”

PROHOC’S MAIN business is providing project and construction management services for projectdriven businesses. As the customers are mainly Finnish companies who operate internationally, this means that as much as 70% of Prohoc’s staffcan be found in other locations than the company’s headquarters. Recently, Prohoc has builta community platform where the staff can share information and support each other, although they are spread around the world.

IN ADDITION TO its increased focus on staff wellbeing, Prohoc has lately also headed into completely new business fields. “We have started selling project management development services as well. Different customers have different best practices and through us, they can learn from each other.”

Yet another new area for Prohoc is manufacturing services. The subsidiary ProActor has been established to help customers within subcontracting. “Although we have never done manufacturing before, it suits our strategy very well. We want to be a strategic partner for the flagship companies in our region”, Manner explains.

Prohoc Group

Subsidiaries: Prohoc, ProActor, ProID

Business sector: Project partner services for project-driven businesses

Main customers: Wärtsilä, ABB, Neste, Valmet, Andritz, Outotec

Turnover: 14 MEUR

Employees: 140

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