Marko Nylund and Kjell Antus

For 90 years, KWH has been in constant change

ESTABLISHED IN 1929, KWH Group is one ofthe oldest and biggest family-owned industrial companies in Finland. Throughout its history, KWH has shown a phenomenal ability to change, and is therefore still thriving 90 years after the start.

“Change is in our DNA”, states Group President Kjell Antus. “The secret to our success lies in our ability to adapt to a changing world.”

Throughout the years, KWH has been involved in at least 150 companies in various industries, most of which do not exist anymore. Today the group’s main areas are abrasives and logistics. A smaller, but still fast-growing area of business, is water traps – Prevex is the only company in the world focusing solely on water traps.

“No stand-alone company would dare to take the risk we have taken by specialising in such a narrow field. However, we always consider things from the perspective of the whole group, not just a single company”, explains Kjell Antus.

Prevex specialises in water traps that connect the sink to the drain.

THIS NICHE PHILOSOPHY has been successful, as Prevex is currently in a phase of rapid growth.

“We concentrate on what we do best, which is water traps”, says Prevex CEO Marko Nylund. “Our water traps are both space saving and flexible, and therefore easy to fit under any sink. Although our products are hardly ever visible, and people noticethem only when they do not work, we are proud to say that we produce a premium product.”

Prevex currently focuses on sustainability andis looking for alternative raw materials in addition to plastic. In the summer of 2020, the company’s factory in Nykarleby will feature a brand-new solar power plant and heat pump, which cover 15% of the energy needed in production.

ANOTHER AREA where Prevex currently focuses is staff development, which is completely in linewith KWH Group’s philosophy. For some years, the group has called itself ‘The knowledge company’ as a reflection of the general change that has taken place in many traditional industrial fields.

“Since our businesses are so highly specialised, the employees need to have a deep expertise. As the world changes at an ever-increasing pace, they also need to have the capability of constantly learning new skills”, Antus explains.

KWH Group
Subsidiaries: Mirka, KWH Logistics, Prevex

Turnover 2019: 520 MEUR

Employees: 2,350

Member of KWH Group

Business sector: Water traps

Turnover 2019: 35 MEUR

Employees: 250

Export: 90%

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