The ground-breaking TAU XTRACTOR™ uses an entirely new method for discharging grease from Fluid-Bag’s flexible containers in demanding heavy-duty work environments such as mines.

Fluid-Bag: less packaging material, same world-class quality

FLUID-BAG has manufactured flexible containers in Jakobstad, Ostrobothnia since 1984. Many wellknown international customers are already longterm users of the company’s star products: FluidBag FLEXI and Fluid-Bag MULTI. Fluid-Bags fulfil the strictest quality and hygiene requirements set by different industries, ranging from food and cosmetics to the chemical and mining sectors.

Most liquids can be transported in a Fluid-Bag, from water-like solutions to almost solid products. In addition, filling and discharging equipmentis available to complete the efficiency of the processes.

“Compared to traditional rigid containers, with Fluid-Bag, almost every single drop can be used. Less residue in the container means the user doesn’t waste any perfectly good and usable product, and it also results in less problem waste at the recycling phase”, says Solange Nylund, Customer Relations Coordinator.

Fluid-Bags are made of soft plastic that can be folded when empty and are so efficiently packed that 20,000 litres of packaged material can be delivered on just two pallet spaces. Since the return transportation of empty containers is not required, transportation costs are minimised. From an environmental point of view, it’s also an advantage not to have to ship empty containers back and forth. Transportation of a lightweight plastic packaging like Fluid-Bag is also more fuel-efficient compared to other container options.

“Our solutions are smart and efficient, resulting in exceptionally low residue levels”, say Susanna Hanstén and Solange Nylund.

FLUID-BAG is continuously developing their products to find new materials and more sustainable solutions.“Thinner bags with the same strength reduce the amount of plastic, which is beneficial for both the customer and the environment, thanks to less waste and raw material”, says Susanna Hanstén, Purchaser.

Fluid-Bag recently replaced one of the foils in the Fluid-Bag, which resulted in 300g less plastic in each bag.

“We strive to obtain a clean supply chain, sowe source components as geographically closeto us as we can. We also require environmental programmes from all our key suppliers, and we combine shipments as efficiently as possible to save on transportation, both for us and our suppliers”, Hanstén explains.

FLUID-BAG solves customers’ problems and one example of how this is done is the groundbreaking TAU XtractorTM. This machine uses a new method that twists the bag when discharging grease, which means only a 2% residue in the bag.

“The TAU Xtractor is developed for the harsh environments of a mine or steel plant. Mining sites are often located in remote and hard to reach areas, so the logistic advantages of the Fluid-Bag really make a big difference”, says Nylund.



Business sector: Flexible industry container systems, including both filling and discharging

Turnover: 11.2 MEUR

Employees: 50

Export: 96%

Major markets: Europe and USA

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