Fineweld assists process industry companies with their investment projects, starting with modular concept design. Its modular systems are designed using 3D CAD design.

Fineweld is reshaping industrial construction with modular construction

MANUFACTURING companies often carry out investment projects in a very traditional way, but why not give the job to an expert partner who incorporates new thinking in their everyday work? Fineweld knows industrial construction like the back of its hand and has made the work faster and easier through its innovative concept. To top it all, it does the work with lower total expenses. The secret behind Fineweld’s success is its groundbreaking concept: semi-modular construction.

“We build the modules for industry to a more complete stage than others at the factory, which makes working on site quick and simple. There are typically 100 builders on site, but our solution only requires about ten. In short, Fineweld’s method saves the customer time, money and effort”, says Construction Manager Mika Hietaharju.

FINEWELD SPECIALISES in serving big investors within the processing industry, such as the pulp,chemical and mining industries, and looks forward to working more and more with battery chemicals, the industry of the future. Fineweld completes the constructions of the process modules at its factory. It can also electrify and equip the process system with the required instruments, as well as carry out trial runs for the customer.

“Usually, one supplier provides the pipes and another the electrification and so on. We think differently and want to change how this sector works – to the customer’s benefit”, explains Project Manager Daniel Sundqvist. The modules are shipped to the worksite as large and complete as possible. They are completed onsite with up to 75% fewer workers than usual.

The way we work makes the customer’s life very easy and considerably reduces their workload”, say Mika Hietaharju and Daniel Sundqvist.

FINEWELD’S STRENGTH is its expert builders who have years of experience with large investment projects. Thanks to its innovative concept,Fineweld is able to do business anywhere in the world – such as South America, the Middle East and Russia.

The sector tends to stick to established traditions, which sometimes makes it difficult to launch a new way of working. However, the benefits of Fineweld’s concept are so great that it can offer tons of large, successful projects as references. It is Fineweld’s excellent reputation and references that have sealed many new deals.

“The way we work makes the customer’s life very easy and considerably reduces their workload and unnecessary meetings. At the end of the project, our new customers are always positively surprised. Word travels fast, and our projects keep spawning new ones”, Sundqvist and Hietaharju smile.


Business sector: Manufacture and installation of industrial piping

Turnover: 20–30 MEUR

Employees: 100

Export: 50–100%

Major markets: Scandinavia, worldwide

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