Experts from around the world participate in EnergyWeek every year. Member of Parliament Joakim Strand, Government Relations Advisor for Nord Stream 2 AG Alex Barnes, Senior Vice President Jouni Haikarinen from Gasum and Senior Advisor Outi Ervasti from Neste Engineering Solutions participating in the panel discussion about the energy market.

EnergyVaasa brings together all the region’s energy technology companies

WHEN A REGION accumulates more and more know-how in a specific sector, and more and more companies in that sector pop up, the forum they create offers fabulous opportunities. Together they are more. Together, they can carry ideas and projects even further.

ENERGYVAASA is the leading energy technology hub in the Nordic countries. It supports the operation, networking and collaboration of this growing cluster. EnergyVaasa’s work has resulted in spinoff companies, broad-minded R&D projects, much new business and more. EnergyVaasa is a neutral player that pursues the interests and needs of all companies in the energy industry.

”We co-create inspirations. The Vaasa way to do the best business in the world is to do it together and more intelligently”, says EnergyVaasa’s Communications and Brand Manager Kristoffer Jansson.

Kristoffer Jansson

THE COMPANIES IN ENERGYVAASA create 12% of the country’s industrial product exports, and 80% of the energy technology products produced are also directly exported. No wonder that the area is known as Export Finland. In addition to companies, cities, municipalities, development companies and universities are closely involved in EnergyVaasa’s operations.

“The educational establishments in our region provide energy education from preschool to university. The region’s industry also invests a considerable amount in R&D, with researchers offering their best know-how”, Jansson explains.

THE ANNUAL EnergyWeek is the major joint event of the EnergyVaasa partners. It is the most important event in the energy sector in Finland, if not all the Nordic countries. The region’s companies collaborate to organise this seminar and trade fair event, which generates unprecedented encounters. “The hub is a major celebration of cooperation, and EnergyWeek is a visible example of this.”

“The hub is easy to belong to. Some participate in the events organised, while others choose to be involved in the active practical work. In 2021, EnergyVaasa will turn 20. Over that time, the region has seen enormous development, and the future is filled with possibilities.”


  • 160 companies
  • 12,000 employees
  • 5 BEUR turnover
  • Energy technology infrastructure investments by the leading companies: 1.2 BEUR by the end of 2025
  • 200 MEUR R&D investments in energy technology annually

The EnergyVaasa brand is jointly administered by the Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK and Technology Centre Merinova 
The leading energy cluster in the Nordic countries.
The most important energy and cleantech event in the Nordic countries.

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