Side-opening doors give the trailers flexibility and increase eco-efficiency.

Ekeri’s motto ‘easy loading’ materialises as side-opening trailers

EKERI’S PRIDE in its staff and experts shines through everything the company does. Managing Director Matti Laurila explains that one of the reasons Ekeri wants to invest in Ostrobothnia is its loyal and competent employees.

“Even though it’s a cliché, it’s true: there would be no Ekeri without our staff. Ekeri belongs to all of us”, he says.

The company’s eagerness to invest is evident in its new 12,000 m2 factory facilities which were recently put into operation at its head office in Kolppi.

WITH THIS LEVEL of appreciation for its staff, it’s no wonder that the company is so successful and excels at refining its processes to the highest level. Ekeri designs and manufactures side-opening closed boxes, trailers and semi-trailers. Its products are well suited for both the Nordic countries and elsewhere in Europe too.

According to Laurila, the company’s ability to develop processes is what makes it so competitive. Its manufacturing processes are very efficient, which makes for extremely satisfied customers.

“When the processes work, it raises the quality of the product to its peak. Efficient production also translates into competitive prices for the customer”, he notes.

“Ekeri wants to invest in Ostrobothnia because of its loyal and competent employees”, says Matti Laurila.

THE STRONG GUIDING star of Ekeri products is easy loading. The company’s calling card is sideopening doors, which give the trailer flexibility and increase eco-efficiency. This is because it is easier to arrange back haul when you can load in goods from both the side and the back. All Ekeri’s load securing systems are also flexible.

“The driver can discharge or add to the load along the way through the side-opening doors or even in between the load. Our solutions maximise space utilisation and boost logistics”, Laurila says.

EKERI IS more than just a supplier of products; it is also its customer’s long-term partner. It is the company’s calling to help the customer, service the product and offer spare parts throughout its lifetime. That being so, Laurila foresees a further expansion of the services offered to customers in the company’s future.



Business sector: Box trailers, box semi-trailers and truck bodies

Turnover: 56 MEUR

Employees: 225

Export: 80%

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