Devatus wants to cherish a good working environment, as it is a prerequisite for the company’s growth. From the left Andreas Paschinsky, Sanna Lundström and Hoang Nguyen.

Devatus has helped its customers make substantial savings

DIGITALISATION is all about working smarter and saving resources, and this is exactly what Devatus specialises in.

“Everybody wants to digitise, no matter what field of business they are in. As digitalisation potentially can save a lot of money, companies buy our services no matter what the state of the market is”, says Andreas Paschinsky, Head of Business Development at Devatus. Devatus biggest challenge is therefore not finding customers, but finding employees, as there has for a long time been a lack of developers.

WHAT THEN has Devatus done right in order to grow and attract skilled developers? First of all, the company wants to be a good workplace,where employees have a lot of freedom to carry out their work the way they want to.

“Apparently this strategy has worked, as only a couple of our employees have left us since the start in 2010”, says Office Manager Sanna Lundström.

Secondly, Devatus has taken the initiative fora program called Digitalisation Academy, where companies and universities in the Vaasa region make a joint effort to educate students in digitalisation.

“The program has been a success, as we and other companies can tailor the education according to our needs. It is also beneficial for the students who easily find jobs after graduation”, Paschinsky says.

“The cooperative and open working model at the Digitalisation Academy fits our values and ways of working very well. It also helps strengthen the Vaasa region”, Lundström adds.

THE VAASA REGION, were Devatus has its main office, is home to the biggest cluster of energy technology companies in the Nordic countries. It therefore comes as no surprise that Devatus’ customers can be found in the energy sector.

“We don’t have that many customers, however, we work very closely with the ones we’ve got. A typical project is complex and can last for years, which means that we really get to the core of our customer’s business.”


Business sector: Digital services, data analysis, IoT, cloud services

Turnover: 3.5 MEUR

Employees: 45

Major markets: Domestic and Europe

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