In digital communication different types of content can be used and targeted to where they are needed.

Creamedia offers digital tools for sales and marketing

STAYING ON TOP of the newest developmentsin digital marketing is a daunting task for any company – for SMEs in particular. Multimedia agency, Creamedia, is the marketing partner B2B companies turn to for finding the right tools, channels and contents in the changing digital world. The Kokkola-based company, with its 15 digital experts, has recently seen an increased demand in 3D visualisations.

“Many international export companies translate much of their communications and marketing materials into local languages. These materials are, for instance, marketing brochures, training materials for retailers and end users, instruction manuals and safety directions”, describes Susanna Kaukoniemi, Account Manager at Creamedia, and continues:

“3D visualisations reduce the need of localised materials. A 3D-modelled animation video tells more than a thousand words, and often words are not needed at all. 3D animations demonstrate explicitly how different appliances are installed,products are used, work procedures are safely done or what buildings look like when finished.”

Susanna Kaukoniemi

3D VISUALISATIONS can also be an effective tool for marketing objects, which do not yet exist. In 3D, engineers and architects can showcase large and complex structures, while also creating the wanted atmosphere.

“3D visualisations activate more cells in the brain than texts and images do. At best, 3D experiences give you a wow effect. This strongly appeals to our emotions, leaves a permanent mark in our memory and helps in the purchase decision.”

In addition to these benefits, 3D materials also save natural resources, as manuals and brochures need not be printed and shipped around the world.

“3D visualisations are easy to digitally share on websites, over email or social media, or in exhibitions and sales meetings. The material can also be made into virtual tours for VR headsets, which enhances the experience even further.”


Business sector: Advertising and digital communications

Turnover: 1 MEUR

Employees: 15

Owner: KPK Yhtiöt Oyj

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