Assembly and testing of the products are done at Arcteq, while the components come from Finnish subcontractors.

CERN relies on Arcteq’s state-of-the-art technology

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is a place where groundbreaking research is done. It therefore comes as no surprise that CERN recently chose Arcteq’s protection relays, when renewing their electricity supply. Despite its relatively small size and young age, Arcteq is able to manufacture the most accurate protection relays in the world, as the company’s founders have long experience in the field.

“You could say that we are a spin-off from a spin-off”, explains CEO and co-founder Juha Arvola. “Arcteq was founded in 2010, when a group of engineers decided to leave VAMP, after the company had been acquired. VAMP, in turn, was originally a spin-off from ABB.”

ARCTEQ’S protection relays are used to protect both the electrical network and the people using it. The company also offers pioneering arc flash protection. The products are sold around the world through an extensive partner network, and growth has been strong in recent years.

“Sales processes are slow in this field of business. We are now reaping the benefits of earlier efforts in marketing and product development”, Arvola states.

Juha Arvola

ARCTEQ’S competitors are mostly large global enterprises. In order to compete, Arcteq needs other competitive advantages, in addition to its state-of-the-art products.

“Both our technology as well as our service need to be better than the competitors’, in order for us to succeed. As a smaller player, we are able to be more flexible and give better service to customers.”

The high quality of the products is maintained by keeping manufacturing in Finland. Assembly and testing are done at Arcteq, while the components come from carefully selected Finnish subcontractors.

“We make a lot of investments at the moment, both in R&D as well as in new production facilities. Our biggest challenge is to find new employees with the right skills.”


Business sector: Protection relays and arc flash protection

Turnover: 8 MEUR

Employees: 35

Export: 95%

Major markets: Worldwide

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