“Because we offer all the services for design and marketing, the customer gains magnificent synergies for their sales and marketing”, Tuomas Paananen and Mikko Niiniketo say.

Buorre brilliantly combines product development and marketing

BUORRE SEES product development and marketing as inseparable aspects that draw from each other. This is why Buorre wants to act as a common link between these process gaps, combining these functions that are often considered separate. But why? When the product and its marketing talk the same language, it simply creates more trade.

“Marketing and design both boost a company’s competitiveness. By combining them wiselyand methodically, we support the brand more completely. We offer everything from prototypes and design to releasing and marketing the product – and last but not least, data analysis”, says Mikko Niiniketo, COO, Marketing.

BUORRE AIMS to improve the competitiveness of its clients. Long-term planning and the utilisation of Buorre’s model of the customer journey help clients to build strong relationships with their end customers. According to Design Manager Tuomas Paananen, the customer journey starts with the company’s marketing phase when the customer is not yet familiar with the product and begins to consider acquiring it. Buorre assists clients by designing communication, marketing and product development for each phase.

“When the marketing and images, for example, have been carefully thought out from the beginning of the journey to the end, the message is strong and works”, he explains. As an example, Paananen mentions shoddy manuals which wehave all run into at one stage or another. They can cause a brand experience that started well to fall flat. That is not what companies want their brand to achieve. Buorre is an expert for taking care of the overall picture without forgetting the details.

BUORRE SERVES many industries and offers a wide range of services to B2B and B2C operators. The company offers both individual services and comprehensive design and marketing packages,for example, for new product launches. Buorre’s diverse range of experts includes industrial and graphic designers, coders, photographers, copywriters and 3D animators.

“Because we offer all the services for design and marketing, the customer gains magnificent synergies for their sales and marketing. Buorre means ‘good’ in Sami, and that’s what we bring: good business to our customers”, Paananen and Niiniketo say.



Business sector: Digital, marketing, design

Group employees: 40

Offices: Vaasa, Kokkola, Seinäjoki, Helsinki

Major markets: Scandinavia

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