For data to be valuable, it needs to be accurate. Beamex makes sure its customers' data is accurate and unmanipulated.

Beamex helps companies get the most out of their data

IN RECENT YEARS, there has been a lot of discussion on how data is the new gold – a valuable raw material offering unprecedented opportunities. However, in order for data to be valuable, it needs to be accurate.

“Our mission is to make sure that our customers’ data is accurate as well as unmanipulated”, states Jan-Henrik Svensson, CEO at Beamex.

Integrity of data has become an important topic within calibration, especially in the pharma industry. Beamex was the first calibration company to offer its customers a digital solution for data integrity. As the importance of data increases, Svensson sees great opportunities for Beamex.

“We want to help our customers in their digital transformation. The importance of our calibration equipment and expertise increases as companies start using IoT.”

IN SVENSSON’S VISIONS, the data provided by Beamex’s equipment can be part of a bigger infrastructure in the future. Earlier, a lot of measuringhas taken place in order to prove that companies do things right. In the future, however, companies can also predict and enhance their processes, by combining calibration data with other data. In a world were IoT gains ground and the amount of data increases all the time, Beamex can help its customers navigate.

“It is equally important to know when to calibrate and when not to. By using our calibrators and their documenting, our customers can optimise their calibration intervals and calibrate in a smarter and more efficient way. Sometimes the best solution is to calibrate less.”

Jan-Henrik Svensson

BEAMEX strategic focus to help customers in their digital transformation correlates well with today’s increased demands on sustainability.

“Not only do we strive for increased actions towards a sustainable company, we also manufacture high-end equipment, which can be used for decades. Our oldest equipment that is still being used is 20 years old, which is quite a long time for electronic gadgets.”


Business sector: Calibration equipment, software, systems and services

Turnover: 33 MEUR

Employees: 200

Export: 96%

Major markets: Worldwide

Parent company: Sarlin group

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