Koncentra Pistons
Koncentra Pistons has recently made large investments in its piston factory. Here by its new five-axis turning centre is R&D Director Tommy Rönnskog, CEO Sakari Pisilä and Production Director Petteri Puumala.

Attractive employer Koncentra Pistons invests in new machinery

A STRONG BELIEF in the future permeates the halls of piston manufacturer Koncentra Pistons in Jakobstad. Koncentra Pistons designs, produces and markets large bore pistons for leading medium-speed gas and diesel engine manufacturers. The engines are used in both marine and power applications and complement renewable energy solutions and battery technology in these fields.

“Although battery technology is on everyone’s lips today, long-distance cargo ships powered by batteries are still not on the horizon. The same goes for the energy sector, where engines can be used for efficient load balancing in power systems with high shares of solar and wind power. We believe that piston engines will for a long time be a viable solution in these sectors. The fuels used, however, are becoming more and more eco-friendly”, says Sakari Pisilä, CEO of Koncentra Pistons.

SINCE 2016, Koncentra Pistons is owned by Swedish Koncentra Verkstads Ab. The company has seen steady growth under its new ownership and prospects are good for the coming years. There is a strong belief both in the future of piston engines and the company’s continued advancement – so much so, that investment amounting to 3.5 MEUR have been made in the company. Recently Koncentra Pistons has invested in a five-axis machining centre with a turning table, a five-axis turning centre, a radioscopic inspection system, and in the piston assembly lines.

“These investments add to the quality of our products but also enhance our productivity”, explains Pisilä.

IN GROWING COMPANIES, recruiting the right people is key to future success. In spring 2019, Koncentra Pistons made a larger recruitment spree and hired five new professionals to its rows. A pleasant surprise was that many people applied for the jobs and the positions were easily filled. One of the newly hired employees even relocated and moved his family from southern Finland to Jakobstad.

“I believe we are an attractive employer thanks to our high-tech products and the state-of-the-art equipment we use. We’ve been very happy with the people we hired, and they’ve become a natural part of our team”, says Pisilä.

Koncentra Pistons


Business sector: Development and manufacturing of large-bore pistons for diesel and gas engine manufacturers

Employees: 43

Export: 35%

Pistons manufactured: 75,000 (5,000/year)

Parent company: Koncentra Verkstads Ab

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