AT Special Transport
AT Special Transport has widened its service range; in addition to special transports and heavy lifts, the company now also offers installations.

AT Special Transport now also offers installations and more

IN THE TRANSPORT SECTOR, customers often struggle with working out time schedules with many different services providers – an installation, for instance, depends on the timely delivery of the needed equipment. AT Special Transport has solved this problem by widening its service range; the company now also offers installations, in addition to special transports and heavy lifts.

“By providing our customers a comprehensive service, we can seamlessly schedule transports and installations in their entirety, making them more time-efficient. Our customers have less to worry about, the service quality is better and the overall risks are minimised, as we take on more responsibilities and projects are more transparent“, explains Jonas Ahola, CEO of AT Special Transport.

AT INSTALL, AT Special Transport’s new installation subsidiary, began its operations in 2018. The company has today 20 employees and carries out a variety of projects; it installs concrete elements, steel equipment and tanks, and wooden building modules.

“The installation know-how is strong in AT Install, and the company has quickly grown. The business has been very well received and clearly has a place in the market”, notes Ahola.

Jonas Ahola

AT SPECIAL TRANSPORT is known for being punctual. Reliability is key in special deliveries, where promptness is critical, and delays are expensive.

“I can say with almost 100% certainty that all our projects are delivered on time and unharmed”, Ahola guarantees.

The reliability comes from a holistic view of the customer’s value chain. In addition to including installations in its offering, AT Special Transport has recently also made investments in its heavy transport business. The company has bought modular trailers, which can carry up to 300 tonnes.

“We’ve joined the big boys in heavy transports. With our new equipment, we can take on deliveries of any sizes”, says Ahola.

AT Special Transport

Part of Ahola Group

Business sector: Special transport and installation services

Employees: 12 (+ 20 at AT Install)

Turnover 2018: 8 MEUR

Major markets: Europe

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