Ahola Transport
Ahola Transport is a leading Nordic logistics group that offers international road haulage.

Ahola Transport is an award-winning master of economical driving

AHOLA TRANSPORT is a leading Nordic logistics group that offers international road haulage. It has achieved its leading position through dynamic logistics, which was developed by the family business’ founding member and current CEO, Hans Ahola, in the 1990s. At the core of dynamic logistics is the customer’s stream of goods and the unbroken responsibility for its transport throughout the chain.

“Dynamic logistics means direct haulage from door to door. The routes are planned according to actual need, and the trucks have no fixed routes like in other transport companies. This translates into adjustable schedules, an unbroken conveyor chain and better overall control”, Ahola explains.

DYNAMIC LOGISTICS may sound like an impossible jigsaw puzzle, with about 500 Ahola articulated vehicles travelling the world’s roads at any onetime. Perhaps it would be if Ahola Transport had not also developed an excellent control system for managing it all. The transport chain of the vehicles is administered in Kokkola at the company’s control centre, Service Tower, where 60 metres of screens help the staff to survey and manage the chain.

“Thanks to the control system, we can visualise in real time, for example, our customers’ needs, the required resources and how to combine them. We can also measure and report the emissionsof a specific shipment. The customer benefits by receiving reports that are tailored to their wishes.”

At Ahola Transport, the customer is always served by one and the same contact person, which they really appreciate.“Our excellent, real-time service and tailor-made solutions have resulted in exceptional, long-term customer relationships”, says Business Director Åke Nyblom.

Hans Ahola and Åke Nyblom

AHOLA TRANSPORT has set its sights on becoming number one in its field in Northern Europe. The company aims to do this by remodelling traditional logistics and developing more and more new digital services. While the company designs customerspecific solutions, environmental aspects are always high on its list of priorities. This is why its modern haulage equipment has been awarded the best possible rating.

“All our drivers use the Green Wheels index. They monitor their driving and driving style on a tablet in order to save fuel and reduce emissions. A measure of our eco-friendly transport is the fact that our drivers have won the European Championship of economical driving”, Ahola and Nyblom say proudly.

Ahola Transport


Business sector: International transport services

Turnover: 100 MEUR

Employees: 200

Articulated vehicles: 500

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