"If you want to grow, you need to be able to offer technically advanced solutions", say Dan Liljeqvist and Tom Nordström.

A sustainable work light can last for 50,000 hours

THE GREEN MOVEMENT that has swept across the world in recent years has presented a great opportunity for companies who can offer truly sustainable solutions. Two such companies are Herrmans and Nordic Lights, who belong to the same group, and produce LED lights for heavyduty vehicles and bicycles.Both companies are pioneers in LED lights, which by definition are very sustainable.

“Traditional halogen lights have a lifespan of 500 hours, whereas LED lights last for 50,000 hours. In other words, the difference is quite huge”, says Tom Nordström, CEO of Nordic Lights.

ANOTHER SUSTAINABILITY trend, which works in Herrmans’ favour, is the fact that bicycle commuting has exploded in recent years. Although the total amount of bicycles produced does not increase significantly, the number of electric bicycles is growing rapidly.

“Our top-notch components are a perfect fit for e-bikes”, explains Herrmans’ CEO Dan Liljeqvist. “Most people who buy e-bikes use them a lot, which means they have to be of good quality.”

Herrmans manufactures all its bicycle components in Finland, which not only means that the quality is good, but also that delivery times are short. The company’s main market is Europe, whereas Nordic Lights sells its heavy-duty work lights all over the world.With the global market as their work field, Nordic Lights sources top-quality components for the work lights responsibly and, when possible, locally. To be able to swiftly answer to customer needs and minimise transports, Nordic Lights also has a production unit in China.

Herrmans’ top-notch components are a perfect fit for e-bikes.

IN RECENT YEARS, the group has grown with an average annual pace of 10%. The growth is one reason that the group now has decided to separate its two business units into two independent companies. Both brands are well-known in their respective customer segments and have a reputation of good quality.

“If you want to grow, you need to be able to offer technically advanced new solutions. This is the reason that we started to explore LED lights very early on”, Nordström says.

Nordic Lights, Herrmans Bike Components


Business sector: Work and driving lights for heavy duty vehicles

Turnover: 45 MEUR

Employees: 180

Major markets: Worldwide

Business sector: Bicycle components

Turnover: 20 MEUR

Employees: 100

Major markets: Europe

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