A fourth of the electricity sold by Herrfors in 2018 was generated by wind power. This is many times the national average.

Herrfors focuses on renewables and new business models

THE SHARE of wind power in Finnish electricity generation has grown rapidly during the 2010s. One of the forerunners in this field is Herrfors; in 2018 a fourth of the electricity sold by the group was generated by wind power, which is many times the national average.

“We aim at keeping our front position, as we continue our investments. I am pleased that wind power does not need subsidies anymore to be profitable”, CEO Roger Holm says.

A part of the Katternö Group, Herrfors has made other sustainable investments as well and is continuously increasing its already high share of both renewable and carbon neutral power production.

“As of 2016, all of our retail customer sales is 100% renewable electricity based on wind, bio and hydro power. Corporate customers also have the opportunity to buy locally produced renewableelectricity, if they wish. We tailor the solution for each corporate customer completely according to their needs.”

Roger Holm

IN ADDITION TO its heavy investments in renewables, Herrfors is also developing completely new business models. One of them is a concept called Nordic Sunrise, which is a platform for micro powerproducers. Among other thing, the company provides solar panel solutions for customers interested in becoming prosumers.

Another new business is a data center company called North Shore, a joint venture together with the telecommunications operator JNT. North Shore provides a large portfolio of business-criticalcloud solutions, based on its state-of-the-art data centers.

A third new business model is a digital platform that, via an app, enables customers to minimise both their electricity cost and carbon footprint.In addition, the app can steer smart home gadgets.

ACCORDING TO Roger Holm, all these new business models are a sign of the transition phase that the energy industry is currently in. “We have only started this journey. I believe that in the future, completely new solutions will replace today’s way of selling electricity.”


Part of Katternö Group

Business sector: Production, transmission, distribution and sales of electricity and heat

Turnover: 165 MEUR

Employees: 220

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