Kosila offers world-leading technology for information management

AN EXPONENTIAL GROWTH of data has many companies drowning in documents and information. Often files are spread out on different platforms and software, leading to inefficiencies and lost working hours. Professional information management expert Kosila offers, together with its market-leading technology partners, M-Files, Esri and Microsoft, a one-stop shop solution for easy data access. “With […] Read More

Viria provides its customers with secure digitalisation

VIRIA IS perhaps the only company in the world that combines digital and physical security with data analytics to create services that enhanceits customers’ business activities. In short, Viria Group offers security and information solutions all in one place. Its security services safeguard the customer’s business continuity and its information solutions improve the competitiveness of […] Read More
Kaiser Eur-Mark

Kaiser Eur-Mark delivers sewer cleaning and industrial disposal vehicles with outstanding technology

SEWER CLEANING and the efficient treatment of industrial waste requires vehicles with state-ofthe-art technology. Add to that the requirement of reliable functionality also in cold conditions, incomparable economic efficiency and eco-friendliness, and Kaiser Eur-Mark provides the perfect solution. The company designs and manufactures articulated vehicles mainly intended for sewer cleaning, with water recirculation equipment as […] Read More