“Kosila is specialised in business digitalisation, and our goal is to increase our clients’ visibility and sales, as well as the effi ciency of their activities,” says Juha Erkkilä.

Time sellers

Kosila creates success stories through digital business activities

Simplifying things and making them user-friendly is the starting point for all of the software company Kosila’s activities. Logistics companies, stores and shopping centres, educational organisations, authorities, large-scale industries, and cities – the list of Kosila’s clientships and the sectors they operate in goes on and on. With 100 years of experience in producing journalistic content and nearly 20 years of experience in digital business creation, this software company has broad skills. However, one contemporary skill of this versatile veteran stands out, and it is business digitisation.
“We improve the client’s business through tailoring solutions, such as different kinds of productivity apps, online-store systems, B2B ordering portals and booking services. Our goal is to increase our clients’ sales and to help them stand out from the mass,” says Director Juha Erkkilä.

Kosila helps to build success stories by offering their clients more hours to their day by simplifying and automating processes through user-friendly, fast, and reliable user interfaces.
“In other words, we sell time to our clients. One of our main productivity topics is that we assist enterprises in finding, sharing and securing documents and information. Our services enable things like tenders, drawings, and meeting documents to be easily accessible to the right people,” Erkkilä points out.

Often when discussing the need for digitisation, the argument comes up that there is little need for reforms if a company already operates on a solid foundation. According to Erkkilä, a digital reform has clear benefits under any circumstances, and companies should continuously develop their activities. Therefore Kosila is striving to shake up and reshape the business activity in the region. Kosila’s clients get access to software in the form of services that do not require large investments in information technology or related know-how.
“We want to encourage companies to try out new things. Companies do not have to renew all operations all at once, but instead try out different functions one piece at a time and choose the digital services that best suit them,” Erkkilä says.



Business sector: Software and digital services

Employees: 29

Turnover: €2.8 million

Major markets: Finland

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